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The ultimate luxury for both scoundrels and gentlemen alike, BarberBarber prides itself on impeccable service and extensive knowledge in the craft of men's haircutting and bespoke shaving, in luxurious surroundings, in the finest buildings in cities across the UK.

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At BarberBarber we believe the ultimate men’s haircut is a perfect blend of great technique matched with a sense of effortless style and suitability. Our barbers are trained to the highest standards of wet shaving and have extensive knowledge of what it takes to craft the perfect haircut for his client. Our barbers have a great understanding of head shape, face shape and suitability, having great empathy with his client creating the perfect look that celebrates the client’s sense of classic or modern.

"At BarberBarber we pride ourselves on an in depth knowledge of male specific headshape and hair growth patterns. We strongly believe that men's hair isn't always about length, it's about internal structure, suitability, shape and balance."


Barber Barber Bespoke - Tel: 0161 832 5409Manchester

Hale - Tel: 0161 928 7717 - Altrincham

Soho - Tel: 020 7439 0777 - London


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